Our objective is to deliver a quality product that is ready for manufacturing by offering the following services:

  • Small quantities
  • Non-standard width, thickness and lengths
  • Special tolerances
  • Cut to length – Cropped and sawn
  • Cold straightening
  • Re-bundling
  • Hessian and polythene wrapping
  • Pickling and oiling
  • Heat treatment
  • Flexible deliveries – Own fleet of lorries
  • CAD design

Our unique services are all built around our flexible rolling programme which gives us the ability to do small quantities
of flats and sections that suit specific customer requirements.

Customers choose us because we can deliver product fit for their specific purposes providing more bars per tonne and keeping yield loss to a minimum.

  • Hot Mill One rolls our entire range every month with some sizes double cycled.
  • Hot Mill Two rolls within 2 – 3 days.
  • Small Quantities: 1 and 2 tonne rollings of non-standard sizes, tolerances and lengths
  • Higher specification of product – We can offer tighter tolerances than the commercial standard.
  • Supplied in any length up to a maximum of 8000mm.
  • Special profiles can be developed with our in house CAD facility.
  • In-house roll turning prevents production delays.

All this means that we can eliminate expensive machining and labour costs and improve your yield.  Our flexible rolling cycle takes away the need to carry large stocks and also gives a quick reaction time to enable customers to win business on delivery.